Friday, April 29, 2011

Mini Golf Hole 1st draft

For my golf hole I wanted to do a mario theme, with the warp pipe as the hole. I want mario characters on the hole itself, and I used sketch up to make a very simple mock up of the hole. When I make it in real life, I plan on having more characters to make up for the simplicity of the hole.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Barbara London

Barbara London was at Nevada to judge one of the student exhibits, she is a curator for the Museum of Modern Art and works with digital arts which made her lecture very interesting and relevant for students like us.

I liked the structure of her lecture, because she presented it as kind of a crash course in technologic art history. By starting with how artist would take the technology they had at their disposal at the time (for example, photos, video, computers, etc) and bringing it up to the present,

She talked a lot about Nam June Paik whom I had learned a bit about in other classes, it was interesting to see more of his work and how interactivity played a huge role in all of his pieces. As a huge David Bowie fan, it was also cool to see some of his work in there too, because I wasn't really expecting that.

The Residents was also interesting, how they could work on anything without a copyright, I found that similar to a lot of music artists I listen to such as Girl Talk and Super Mash Bros which are musical mash up artists who take a lot of different songs and mash them up into one track. I like that aspect of using whatever you have to create something totally new.

Overall I enjoyed the lecture and thought it actually tied into what we've been working on pretty well, especially with the progression of technology and how it's constantly creating a new medium for artists

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Pepakura Object

My first time trying to do Pepakura wasn't too successful, but after making this one I felt like I could do something a lot better next time. I made an iPad, since i had just gotten one and wanted to see how close I could make them look. I tried to give it more depth but it was harder than I thought (since they're so thin anyways). But I ended up being able to give it some depth, more visible from the back, much like the real iPad.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sketch up 3D modeling part 1 and 2

For the 3D modeling assignment, I decided to create a soccer ball but make it different by using the fill tool to pattern the white part like grass. The ball itself wasn't very hard after i figured out how to make the lines. it took a while to get used to the program but after I did i enjoyed creating a few different things. I also made a simple pool by just creating a rectangle and using the fill tool to make the side wood paneled and the top water

For my sculpture I decided to just start with an object and see what I ended up with. I started with the birdhouse and noticed because of the size and the roof coming out the sides it looked like a ship or something. So I decided to go with that and see what I could add to it. The turbine engines were my first thought and after attaching those to the undersides of the "wings" I noticed the perch on the front was a bit small and lacking, so I used the pull tool to make it larger and found a mounted gattling gun that fit on it perfectly. Lastly, I decided to make the front brick as a defense option.

This idea was just funny to me because I can imagine this thing whipping around the air terrorizing birds who treated it badly.