Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sketch up 3D modeling part 1 and 2

For the 3D modeling assignment, I decided to create a soccer ball but make it different by using the fill tool to pattern the white part like grass. The ball itself wasn't very hard after i figured out how to make the lines. it took a while to get used to the program but after I did i enjoyed creating a few different things. I also made a simple pool by just creating a rectangle and using the fill tool to make the side wood paneled and the top water

For my sculpture I decided to just start with an object and see what I ended up with. I started with the birdhouse and noticed because of the size and the roof coming out the sides it looked like a ship or something. So I decided to go with that and see what I could add to it. The turbine engines were my first thought and after attaching those to the undersides of the "wings" I noticed the perch on the front was a bit small and lacking, so I used the pull tool to make it larger and found a mounted gattling gun that fit on it perfectly. Lastly, I decided to make the front brick as a defense option.

This idea was just funny to me because I can imagine this thing whipping around the air terrorizing birds who treated it badly.

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