Thursday, February 24, 2011

Digital Nation

Digital Nation is a FRONTLINE expose on modern societies increase in usage of technology, and more specifically how it affects our culture. I thought the beginning was pretty interesting, when all the students were discussing how much they multitask with their technology, how they can be talking to a friend, while checking their phones, and e-mailing a professor. I definitely identified with that, because a majority of the time, I'm listening to music, on facebook, and texting, even while talking to my friends. However, I think multitasking can work in a way, obviously some distractions can't be done while trying to pay attention, I think that in our current technological culture, multitasking is inevitable.

I also found the part about relationships in the digital age interesting too, because again, I've personally noticed how my relationships with people have changed with technology, for example, how there's certain people I only text, or only chat with online, and other people I always talk to in person, and how there's a big difference with those relationships.  I also thought the gaming relationships part was interesting and it reminded me of that video we watched earlier in the semester about the World Of Warcraft players who started healthy, real life, relationships.

Overall this documentary was pretty interesting, and I feel gave good insight into the modern world and how our access to technology has affected our daily lives and culture.

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