Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Video Proposal

For my video I’m planning on using a lot of water related imagery, as I feel like that would fit the tone and theme of my audio track the most. Given the water noises, as well as the submarine noise, I think I could make a really cool video using some found footage from movies involving submarines (the Abyss, Hunt For Red October, Das Boot, etc).

I think using a small screen, such as the iPhone, to create this video will give me a lot of freedom and cool ideas for how to use the audio to tie with the video and create that sense of claustrophobic tension that is generally a staple of the idea of being in a submarine. This can end up changing the tone of my audio to make it a bit more unsettling, something that I never really saw in it the first few times I listened to the track.

Adding the end of the random track to the end of the composed track will also give it a musical quality which I think could end up being totally awesome and unexpected in context of the rest of the composition. I may try to tie some video footage there that would emphasize the musical direction that it takes, maybe some type of turntable footage or something similar to really make that part stand out a lot more than other parts of the video, since it’s my favorite part. I’m having trouble really finding any video artists that inspire me on this level, since I can’t really find any video artists that I like, but here are a couple links of video art I found interesting:

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