Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Final Part II: Assignment 69: Climb a tree and take a picture of the view

This assignment on Learning To Love You More was to climb a tree and take a picture from the top. I liked this assignment because of how it was asking to take an everyday thing, and look at it in a completely new view, also climbing trees is fun and now that I'm an adult I never do it. I decided to take this assignment and make it a bit more challenging by picking the perfect tree. After some deliberation, I decided an indoor tree would be best, and what would be better than an indoor tree on campus? I picked one I saw in the education building, because for some reason, they have tons of trees in there. I picked one that looked the sturdiest, which isn't saying much, and climbed up there. I got some weird looks, and thought I was going to get kicked out at one point, but I was able to get a good picture and a whole new view on a building that I've been in numerous times.

This assignment was fun and I liked adding my own twist to it to make it an even more interesting and unique experience.


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