Wednesday, May 4, 2011

JoAnne Northrup

JoAnne Northrup is the Curator of the Nevada Museum of Art and she had a lecture about Leo Villareal, the artist of the exhibit we had previously seen. It was interesting hearing more about him after seeing his work. This is where we learned about his Burning Man experience and how he got himself a bit lost on the playa, and was inspired to create a work of art to put on top of his van to serve a double purpose, an art instillation, as well as a guiding beacon should he get lost again. She focused mainly on him and his past moreso than specifics about his art, for example, I found it interesting that she said he was first inspired by light art while in Venice.

It's definitely interesting to learn about the background of an artist after seeing his work. It makes you look at his work in a different light after knowing how he got to where he is now 

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