Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mini Golf Hole

 So here's the final golf hole. I'm pretty proud of it. I had trouble with the Mario pepakura so I decided to use just Mario objects instead, namely the blocks and the warp pipe. I had always planned to have the warp pipe be the hole, but in order to make it to actually go into the pipe would require me to make the course ramp up to the pipe and you wouldn't really be able to see it, so instead I decided to just cut a space so you could shoot right into the pipe.

I wanted the blocks to appear to be floating as they do in the game, and tried a few different methods to achieve this, however they never would stay, so I decided a backboard with a Mario cloud theme would look cool as well as provide me with some easy way to hold the blocks up. And there you have it. The best golf hole in the Mushroom Kingdom

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