Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Progress 2/21

We've begun to work on animating images in order to start making moving pictures to use as our projections, but are having some trouble getting the animations working perfectly in photoshop. So we've decided to switch over to Final Cut to utilize those animation opportunities in a better way.

We've figured out the general idea of how we want the animations to go. We want to start with star fields and use zooms in and out to transition into more colorful images of nebulae and planets etc.

So we found more images that could be linked together with star fields.

1 comment:

  1. You have less than two weeks to complete this project. Much work to do!

    Glad you read on Nicole's blog that may have found a room.

    I am really concerned that you two are not spending enough time getting into the programming and developing your images. We are now 5 weeks into these projects, that should translate to over 60 hours of work between the two of you. The project is due when it is due, our last class meeting before spring break. Get cracking! No excuses!

    I see no post from you as due on the 28th.