Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Progress 3/6

This week we finalized our animated images to be used on each wall of the screen for each installation. We animated these in final cut using keyframes and wanted to make it look like you were zooming into one section of the image and being zoomed out of a similar matching section of a different image.

Aside from this we're finalizing securing our installation space at the JCSU and have begun construction on the installation itself.

We have each included a sample animation

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  1. Elliot,
    A good start, a bit slow in coming. I had hoped you would have been much further along by now. I do hope you and Nicole will further work on increasing the depth and duration of the visuals. How goes the integration with eyecon? You don't want your visitors to be quickly experiencing the totality of your visuals or you will lose their interest - if the goal here is to develop an absorbing visual and auditory experience you need more depth and duration to the experience than what you have here.