Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Music 409 Final With Video

For my final MUS 409 project, I made a 4 minute long song using both traditional recording techniques as well as synth and instrumental noises. This was unlike anything I had done before and I wasn't really sure how exactly to make the video to go along with it. I decided to simply get on after effects and start playing around with different animations and filter effects, and I ended up with what I think is a really cool representation of the piece.

I used a lot of pop culture images from film, comics, video games and more to make this feel like a lot of crazy things happening at once. I started to try to make it sync with the audio (and it still does in some places) however I found that when I just kinda let it go its own way, the piece became much more effective.

The piece was long, so I had to repeat some things, but I think you'll notice the first 2 minutes or so is what I dedicated most of my time and effort to. Hope you enjoy it,

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