Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Kiel Johnson

Kiel Johnson is an extremely interesting artist and much different than things we had seen before in this or any other art classes. He is a real grass roots artist who loves to create things traditionally with his hands, and his work comes off as having a lot of hard work and himself in each piece.
Johnson has an ability to use a lot of different mediums as well as materials to make something completely original. His illustrative ability was impressive enough, but the work he's done with cardboard and paper (specifically his reflex camera project) was really interesting and I love to see artists who can utilize their skills in so many different ways.

His lecture was really informative, and as a digital media student, it was interesting to see a viewpoint on art from someone who is involved in so many different aspects of the art world. I went with Dan Conroy, who was talking later about how he wanted to try a time lapse of making something (which would later become his project) so this goes to show the type of affect these lectures and these guest artists can have on us as working students and artists

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