Monday, December 19, 2011

Final Project

This is my final video project. For this I went through a couple interesting ideas before setting on a "day in the life" video with a bit of a twist. I decided to see how often water makes its way through my life. Turns out it comes up a lot more often than I thought.

I edited the clips together in a quick style, with a few water related filters thrown in. I didn't use a lot of transitions because I liked the random cut style to show the different situations water was being used.

For the sound, I took the natural sound from the footage and boosted it and edited it within Soundtrack Pro. Using the Reverb effect and various other pitch effects I was able to make some really cool noises.

There are certain parts with no noise, I did this on purpose because I really wanted the water noise to tie with the visual of water being used. So where theres no water, there's no noise.

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