Thursday, December 15, 2011

Morgan McAuslan Exhibit

Morgan McAuslan
This thing was cool. This exhibition by Morgan McAuslan had his windmills set up in the center of the room, and a wall sculpture with motorized hammers that spun to hit various metal objects to create some cool noises and stuff.

It was cool that the artist was there and kind of discussed his thought process. I enjoyed this because so often I wonder how these people possibly come up with some of these ideas. Finding out first hand from the artist how his inspiration happens was pretty cool.

I liked his style of using found objects to create instruments (and the different noises being put at random making new music) and his use of various sizes and shapes which made the sound really have a variety of styles, pitches and tones. He also did a great job of actually putting some artistic style into the sculptures making them pretty cool to look at.

I enjoyed this because I always like seeing things used for something different than their original intended use, and this was an awesome example of taking something and using it in a completely different way.

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