Sunday, December 18, 2011

Waafa Bilal

Waafa Bilal
Waafa Bilal is an Iraqi artist who is also an art professor. I had previously seen some of his work in other classes, but was really intrigued by his Shoot an Iraqi exhibition. This interactive exhibit involved him locking himself in an apartment with a remote controlled paintball gun that can be fired over the internet.
          The concept of this work is very interesting, and I think it shows a few things about our current society and culture. This is a person who is of the same ethnicity of those our country is at war with right now. This obviously gives it a very strange aspect where you’re allowed to shoot at someone. Also this shows our culture and making decisions to shoot someone and actually cause them pain remotely from the safety of your home.
      I thought he spoke about a lot of interesting points regarding war, racism and stereotypes. His work can obviously be seen as controversial but I think it actually has some real quality and merit to whats behind it. 

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