Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Music 409 Video

This is a video representation of my midterm piece for my Music 409 class.

The piece is titled hallway, a title which came after I have finished production on it, due to the echo noise constant throughout the piece and the ambient noise that I felt gave the listener a feeling of walking down an ominous hallway.

For the visual representation of the piece, I went with the film geek side of me and scoured some of my favorite films and other media to find the most memorable film uses of Hallways.

In the end the sound works great with the fast editing and the films I chose, giving it a very distinct and somewhat unique look at such a normal everyday thing such as a corridor connecting two rooms.

Media Used:

The Legend Of Zelda
The Shining
Star Wars: A New Hope
Fight Club (extra film nerd tidbit, I used this as a rapid subliminal shot of the Tyler Durden character in the hallway as a nod to director David Fincher, who put flashes of the Tyler Durden character within the film Fight Club)
The Princess Bride
Charlie and The Chocolate Factory
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

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