Monday, April 30, 2012

Exhibition Review: Kevin Kremler

Postcards From the Grey Area was an exhibit we saw by Kevin Kremler in the Shepard Gallery in the Church Fine Arts building in early April. The exhibition had 4 pieces that were all somewhat connected, yet very different from one another. This made the exhibit really interesting. Kremler's work is largely interactive, which I loved because it definitely gave a new aspect to going to a gallery instead of just standing around looking, you actually got to be involved with how the piece worked. The first piece was a photobooth that was set to mimic a Norman Rockwell painting. This was really cool and our class definitely enjoyed playing around with this one. Next were the tvs set to brain scans on the floor, this wasn't interactive, but really fun to watch and walk around. Third, was a large postcard he had drawn of Van Gough in crayon. This was really original and Kremler said he uses these to mail out to friends and family which definitely made me look at it a bit more in a different way. Finally he had a cross of planks with buckets on the end suspended over the floor, each corner had a box of colored sand, and a small shovel. Putting the sand in the buckets would alter the angles of the beams, while dropping colored sand on the floor in a random pattern.

I enjoyed this work, the scale and interactivity of it was definitely impressive, and I'm interested to see his other work since I was impressed at his ability to do so many different types of pieces using different materials.

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