Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Project Timeline

My video will consist of footage of the citizens of Reno and how they interact, showing that the city has more than just a general population, but that the citizens continuously get together in artistic ways to express themselves.

The focus will be on how artistic the community is by showing people in various costumes at themed events, races, art events, etc, throughout the year, edited together in a artistic style to show the variety we as a community experience. 

4/03            Progress Critique #1 : continue gathering footage from outside sources, present to class final proposal
4/10            Progress Critique #2 : Finish compiling footage
4/17            Work/Demo Day : Work on editing footage
4/24            Progress Critique #3 : Finish editing footage
5/01            Work Day: Finalize editing and complete project
5/08            Final CRITIQUE/PROJECT #2 Due : done

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